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  • Rome - Roman Forum
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  • Rome - Colosseum - Interior
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  • Rome - Roman Forum Ruins - Colosseum
  • Rome - Colosseum
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Colosseum and Ancient Rome – 4 hrs

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Our 4hr Colosseum and Ancient Rome is designed for clients who want to go more in depth into the ancient Rome history. The path is the same as our classical 3-hour tour but by adding one hour you will spend more time with our expert Archaeologist in the Forum, on the Palatine Hill, and in the Colosseum. Take the right time to make all the questions you want and enjoy this unique experience at a more relaxed pace.

Our private Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour is a suggestive and emotional dive into History, back to the Imperial and Republican times.  We will retrace the History of Rome and Romans’ everyday life from the foundation to the fall. In our 4 hour visit, we will enter the Foro Romano first, we will walk to the Palatine Hill and finish with the Colosseum.  No waiting in line for buying tickets, as they are pre-booked!  We will make the most of our time by learning about Ancient Rome with our expert Archaeologist.

We want our visitors to delve into what Rome used to be like. We will help you discern reality from movie fiction, as our expert Archaeologists pick apart misconceptions. You will have the chance to literally stroll down through history, walking along the same cobblestone streets Julius Caesar once walked and visit the Temple of Julius, where his body was cremated. The Palatine Hill is the heart of Rome, where the legend says the city was founded by Romulus and Remus.

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Here is where, during the Imperial and the Republican eras, the Emperors built up their Palaces. Augustus was the first among the many to choose the Hill as his residence. The remains of these luxurious Villas that crowned the hilltop are still clearly visible and together with the breathtaking view from the Hill, will give you a sense of the beauty and greatness of Ancient Rome.

The Forum located in the valley between the Capitol and the Palatine Hill was once a swamp. At the end of the seventh century BC it was reclaimed and it became the center of Roman religious, political and commercial life for over a millennium. Our last stop is the Colosseum, where stories of gladiators and blood-thirsty audiences will come to life. The most important and well-known monument is also the symbol of the genius behind Roman engineering. Come and learn about how the Colosseum was recycled through the years.

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•Private Tour

•Duration 4 hours

What to bring

•   Comfortable shoes suggested

•    Water

Meeting point: Near the Colosseum. Full details will be provided upon booking

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