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Ostia Antica Private Tour – 5hrs

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First Person Included – Additional Per Person:

€ 50 Adults
€30 Youth (5-12 years old)

FREE Infant

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Our Ostia Antica private tour is an off the beaten path itinerary for History lovers. Sited just outside Rome (30 kilometers away) at the mouth of the Tiber River, Ostia Antica is a very well preserved archeological site whose foundation dates back to the 4th century BC. You will literally walk along the ancient road through history with our expert Archaeologist who will make Ostia Antica come to life. Ostia Antica is also known as the Pompeii of Rome just closer to the Capital and easier to reach.

Your local expert will lead you through selected highlights of Ostia Antica. This is a real journey into the History of the Ancient Rome, as it is the first Roman colony and Harbor of the city. Here you will have the chance to understand how the everyday life of working class Romans was like by touring inside an ancient bakery, temples, thermal baths, cemetery and even checking out regular houses. Let your imagination run free and let our expert guide help you to have the best possible experience. Ostia is also the beach of Rome, the most famous and visited during the summer. It is ten minutes away and easily reachable from the Archeological site. Ask your local expert how to get there!

***IMPORTANT: You can choose to get to Ostia by train or by car. Your local expert will meet you in Rome in both cases and will accompany you there. The travelling time to the site is almost the same by car or by train. If you prefer to be picked up at your Hotel by car, please let us know by adding a roundtrip transfer to your reservation, it will automatically recalculate the cost.

What to bring

  •    Comfortable shoes
  •    Water
  •    Sunscreen during the summer

Meeting point: Details will be provided upon booking

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