Venice - Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from St. Marks Campanile

5 Venice No No’s – How to tour Venice wisely


1-Don’t touch the water of the canal. After a long day of exploring the city of Venice, you may be tempted to dip your tired feet inside the cool water of the canal.  What could possibly be wrong with that you may wonder?  Unfortunately, the lagoon is quite polluted. And polluted by what, you may wonder.  Feces. The city does not have a complete modern sewage system and the canal is the main way waste is disposed of for the city. Although they are working on improving the quality of the water, keep your shoes on until more research is released. And for goodness sake, please do not swim in the water during high tide in one of the piazzas.

2 – Bringing a rental car to the city. There is no parking, avoid the disappointment and hassle and just come into the city by train.  There are water taxis that can take you from point A to point B in no time at all.

3- Avoid eating or purchasing items in the beautiful San Marco square. If you have no problem paying extravagant fees for a coffee,  than go ahead


Venice - St. Mark Square, Doge's palace and the Lion

Venice – St. Mark Square, Doge’s palace and the Lion

4Don’t feed the pigeons. It is very kind of you to want to feed them, but it is against the LAW (since 2008) and you will be fined if you are caught. Feed yourself instead, there are many wonderful things to try.

5- Avoid tourist traps at all costs. How do you know if it is a trap?

  • If the menu is translated into several languages, has images of the dish on the menu or a sample item sitting outside – run the other direction
  • If the restaurant is located in a heavily congested area with many tourists- run the other direction
  • If the waiter is out front trying to convince you to dine – run the other direction

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